Flexible Flat Cables


The conductor consists of electrolytically annealed fine twisted wires. HD 383 and IEC
Suitable for 60228 class 5. Vein insulation, PVC composition on white isolated,
Black number printed. Protection insulation, black on gray outer sheath
number is printed.

Operating Voltage H05VVH6-F : 300 / 500 V
Operating Voltage H07VVH6-F : 450 / 750 V
Test Voltage: 2500 V
Operating Temperature: -15 °C+70 °C
min. Bending radius : 10 x Cable diameter

Flexible cables; In closed and dry places, in moving places,
It is used as a control and command cable in elevators and cranes.
Their structures are flexible.

Technicial Specifications:

Flexible Flat Cables

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Flexible Kablo