About Us


About US

Küçük Group; with more than 20 years of experience, without compromising on quality continues its activities in the production of cables, automatic doors, hydraulic buffers, rope attachment, photocells and balance chains. In line with changing technology and human needs; shaping modern life, giving importance to innovation and R&D studies, planning its investments in this way, it is one of the dominoes of the sector with its innovative approaches to the sector.

It has an integrated production line consisting of advanced technology machines in its manufacturing site that has been built on an area of 25,000 m² in the 3rd Organized Industrial Zone of Konya, and is growing day by day with its young and dynamic staff who are experts in their fields.

Its products which are all produced with national capital, with its “Elitpro”, “Elitplus”, “Cortrex”, “Sassi” brands, exports and meetens its products inside the country and to more than 40 countries in the world.

Küçük Group with the products that produces, always gives priority to quality and to customer satisfaction, without compromising its policy, maintains its standarts and proceeds with a sustainable growth-oriented strategy.


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